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Cost Benefits


Geothermal Installation


The technology behind geothermal heating is very simple, but the installation process can be time intensive and complicated. That’s why it’s so important that you call a qualified expert to help you layout, prepare and start the geothermal system installation process as soon as you’re ready to move forward.


Geothermal Repair


The last thing anyone wants is for their geothermal heating and cooling system to stop working. However, whether due to extreme weather, normal wear and tear, or a skipped maintenance visit, it can happen. And it’s important when it does happen to recognize the signs that your geothermal system needs special care.




Our goal is to provide excellence in service in both the quality of our work and the experience with our team. We strive daily to ensure our clients are the happiest in Northern Virginia.

Cheryl H.on Google
Words alone cannot describe the most excellent HVAC experience ever. Last year Eddie came out to my house (45 min drive) at 5 in the evening (on Friday!) to get our AC working again. He even had to run get a part!! I was expecting a bill for $500 but it was half that! This year, the same problem occurred (user error again) while he was out of town. He walked me through the steps to problem solve (WHILE HE WAS DRIVING) and told me how to fix the problem. I was SUCCESSFUL!!! He tried every way he could to save me money! He even called a buddy to come out to my house to help me save money but luckily his instruction saved that bit as well!! I would highly recommend!!! A perfect business to trust!!
Joshua E.on Google
KCS has save my wife and I from melting away in the summer heat. Our air conditioner stopped working at 10 pm and we immediately called our home warranty company to report the problem. Our warranty company could not find anyone that could even come out for two day to diagnose the problem. They explained that if i could find a company will lol to come out sooner they would provide reimbursement after searching for hours there was only one company that was willing to work with me and fit me in there day even though they were booked this company was KCS. They were able to quickly fix the problem and we did not have to suffer through the heat anymore. We will always be using them in the future.
Nicolas M.on Google
Our heating completely went out this morning (on a 10 degree day). We called at 3:30am, and the technician came out just a few hours later. He diagnosed the problem and spent much of the day custom building a solution for us to make sure we didn’t freeze. Our system is fairly old and probably needs to be completely replaced, but we felt that the tech genuinely cared about our situation and well-being. I’d recommend them, and when we have the capital to invest in a system upgrade, we’ll likely look back to KCS. Now…off to unfreeze my toes.

Cost Benefits


Of all the heating and air conditioning systems out there on the market today for homeowners, few can offer the cost benefits that a geothermal system can boast. Of course, a geothermal heating and cooling system installation is a pretty big job, requiring some level of excavation or drilling to accommodate the installation of the geothermal loop, a vital component in the system’s operation. Some homeowners may have trouble seeing past the initial cost of a geothermal installation in Northern Virginia. We are here, though, to tell you that this initial investment can pay off in a big way over time.

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