Why the Right Size Matters When it Comes to a Manassas Air Conditioner

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Why the Right Size Matters When it Comes to a Manassas Air Conditioner

Most homeowners are not aware of the size of the air conditioner that they have in place. There are several reasons why you need to ensure that the air conditioner installed is the right size. For starters, you will not have to look for Manassas air conditioner repair service providers because of inefficiency problems with the system. A wrong-sized AC could be the reason why your energy bills keep skyrocketing every year.

Why Air Conditioner Size Matters

Having an AC that is too small means that it will have to run more often in order to keep with the demand in the house. This will, in turn, accelerate the process of wear and tear for the different parts of the system. A big AC, on the other hand, will not be efficient when it comes to cooling as it will be playing catch up with the temperature set by the thermostat.

A large AC tends to run like the older units, although newer ac unit models are way more efficient overall. This means that the process of cooling the house is swift but it immediately shuts off after that. Your house will be cooled but only for a short period. This is because the unit doesn’t complete the entire cycle the way it has been designed to function. The house will warm up sooner than expected and you will have to turn on the AC again. The constant on and off will interfere with the efficiency of the unit. Having an ideal AC will ensure it runs efficiently without wasting energy.

Finding the Right AC Size

Finding the right size shouldn’t be that much of a challenge as there aren’t hundreds of options to choose from. AC units are usually sold based on the tonnage and will range from 1 to 5 tones for residential usage. It could go up to 16 tones for commercial use. The tonnage has nothing to do with the weight of the AC but a measurement for the amount of heat that can be dispensed from a home in an hour.


There are three main important considerations when choosing the right size of AC for your home and that is tonnage, square footage and BTU. British Thermal Unit (BTU) can be equated to the heat that is produced when a single match is completely burned.  The best way to know the right size of AC is by talking to an expert. They will take the home footage into consideration when determining the size of the unit.

The function of an AC is not only to cool a room but also to clear the moisture in the air. You might cool the room but the moisture will still remain if you’re using the wrong AC size. This could be uncomfortable to the members of the family and it also promotes the growth of molds.

Your AC shouldn’t be the reason for the high energy bills in the home. You need to reach out to a professional and you can find more information at https://kcsheatingair.com/



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