7 Most Common Error Codes With Lennox Furnaces

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7 Most Common Error Codes With Lennox Furnaces

If you are experiencing problems with your Lennox Manassas HVAC system, there is a way to find out what the problem may be via its two led lights. Located at the motherboard, these lights will flash whenever there is a problem with your Lennox Furnace. Depending on what the problem may be, the lights can flicker or display a continuous light. While most of the problems with your furnace can only be fixed by a certified technician, there are still some that can be fixed on your own. To learn more about some of the most common error codes your Lennox furnace will display and what they mean, continue reading below.

Normal Heating Functions

Your Lennox furnace relies on a light system to indicate if it’s running properly or if there is a problem with it. When running properly, the two lights on your heater will flash slowly at the same time. The lights will flash faster whenever the heater requires more heat.

Lennox Furnace Most Common Error Codes

Single light flashing slowly: 

If your heater is not working properly and you notice that one of the lights is flashing slowly while the other one flashes rapidly, the heater’s sensor may be dirty or misplaced. To get this resolved we recommend you contact a certified technician at  (703) 309-9969.

Both LED lights are off: 

If both lights are off, your heater might not have any power. We recommend you check your breaker box to verify if the fuse for your heating system has not tripped. If the fuse has tripped and you are not able to reset it, contact professional help right away. 

Both lights are flickering slowly: 

When both lights are flickering slowly, the heater’s blower motor is not working. The motor helps distribute the heat throughout your home.  A skilled technician from KCS Heating and Air can discover the main cause of the problem and fix it. 

One light is on and the other one is flickering slowly: 

This indicates that the flame rollout is not working properly. The flame rollout mechanism protects your home from fire risks and carbon monoxide. If the flame rollout does no longer work, contact a certified HVAC technician right away.

One light is blinking slowly and the other one is flickering rapidly: 

When this occurs your heater may not have sufficient voltage to function or a short circuit may have occurred.  Call our technicians at (703) 309-9969 for assistance.

Both lights alternate between slow flashes:

This indicates your Lennox furnace has a problem with the flame and could be caused by the gas supply, gas valve or ignitor control. For further assistance contact  KCS Heating and Air at (703) 309-9969.

One light is solid while the other flickers slowly:

When this occurs, the heater’s limit switch is not working and requires service. The limit switch keeps your heater from overheating. To restore proper functions contact a professional HVAC technician. 

If you are experiencing problems with your heater, we recommend you contact a reliable and professional HVAC repair company like KCS Heating and Air. To learn more about our services visit the following link: https://kcsheatingair.com/

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