Will closing the air vents save me money?

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Will closing the air vents save me money?

Temperature is changing a lot every day. Some days we have cold wind while other days it is very hot. This is the main reason why we have to know how to cool our home in the summer and heat it in the winter. Unfortunately, when we do this, we always go over the energy bills. Therefore, it has been said that one of the best ways to minimize the cost of this is by closing the air vents. But, do you think this works? To know this, contact a reliable Manassas HVAC company who will gladly answer all the questions you have.

The air pressure increases as well as the energy bill

Closing the air vents doesn’t work. Unfortunately, when you close your air vents you are causing more harm than help. People think that by closing the air vents the air won’t flow therefore they will be saving money. But what happens is that when you close the air vents, this only builds air pressure inside. Of course, this will not help improve your energy efficiency and it will only increase the air pressure in the duct. When this air pressure is increased, the system will have to work harder no matter if it’s open or closed. Another thing that can affect the system is that if it is properly sealed, this duct will create a higher pressure forcing the air to go out through any leak.

Maintain a steady airflow in your house

When you close your air vents it is not only inefficient, but it will increase your energy bills instead of lowering them for sure. The best way to reach proper energy savings is by maintaining a proper airflow; it will not only help you save on your energy bills but it will also help you maintain steady temperatures around your house. Remember the best way of having a steady temperature is by opening your air vents and removing every object that can be an obstruction for them such as furniture or clothing. Another way of controlling the temperature in your home can be either by using a Zoning system or a Mini-split system. The zoning system allows you to select the areas of the home in which you want to control de temperature while the mini-split system is perfect when you make an extra room or space in your house and you don’t need to extend your ductwork. 

HVAC experts in the area

Therefore if you are having difficulties in your heating systems at home and you want it to be more efficient, you can rely on KCS Heating and Air in Manassas, Virginia. Since many years ago we have provided top-notch A/C and HVAC systems at the most affordable prices. We are professionals in the businesses that provide top-notch service and the best AC systems and the area. Don’t look further and contact us today by calling at 703.309.9969 to speak to our specialists who will gladly give you all the information you need or visit our website https://kcsheatingair.com/ and get a free estimate online. Remember, don’t try to save energy by closing the vents, instead let air flow and rely on specialists that can give you reliable advice on how to achieve this goal.

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